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HI I'm Angeline RoguelGlobal Talent Partner

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I have my expertise in the field of Human Resources and Global Recruitment. With a remarkable 16-year career in this industry, I possess a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set that I believe can greatly benefit your organization.

Throughout my career, I have specialized in end-to-end recruitment, demonstrating proficiency in effectively managing the entire recruitment process from start to finish. Moreover, my professional journey has exposed me to various HR facets, including training and development, performance management, and employee engagement. This exposure was gained through my previous full-time roles, where I had the opportunity to implement job rotations and gain hands-on experience in different areas of HR.

One of my notable achievements includes excelling in bulk healthcare recruitment, where I successfully handled large-scale recruitment projects. Additionally, I have extensive experience in start-up recruitment, actively sourcing candidates as well as utilizing passive recruitment strategies to ensure a diverse talent pool. My expertise also extends to candidate and client management, ensuring a seamless and positive experience for all parties involved.

I founded Be HIRED by Angeline Roguel, wherein I worked as Independent Recruiter dedicated to placing Virtual Assistants in the US, UK, and Australia. In addition, I proudly serve as a Lead Recruiter at Funded Club, where I provide recruitment consultation services and deliver top-notch talent to start-up and scale-up companies in the APAC region. As a Lead Recruiter, I also take on the responsibility of mentoring and onboarding new recruiters within our team.

I supported Start-Ups and Scale-Ups companies from the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, and Middle East.

How I Work?

Company Pitching

Company Pitching

I take time to under the role, your company vision and mission, your product and services, and your company culture. I would tailored the best company pitch to attract the best talent.

Head Hunting


Unicorn candidates are hiding! So I hang out where they hang out. I make a compelling introduction of your company and the role.

Short Listing

Short listing

You’ll save time by meeting only the best-matched candidates. They were screened, pre-qualified, and tested based on the skill sets and test you provided.

Hire your ideal Virtual Assistant within 10-15 days. For as low as USD 499 per hire.

I also hire the following roles

  • Professionals
  • Managerial
  • Tech Roles
  • C-Level
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